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How to calculate fuel consumption of diesel engine generator

How to calculate fuel consumption of diesel engine generator

  • 2019/12/23

1. What is the fuel consumption of 200KW diesel generator set for eight hours?
For example, a 200KW diesel generator set.It is a V12 cylinder 135 Shanghai dongfeng diesel engine. When the load is 80%, how many liters of diesel does it consume in eight hours of operation?

2. The 200KW generator should be equipped with about 220KW diesel engine.
Diesel engines typically consume between 190 and 220 g/kw/h (depending on the machine and the fuel grade).
Now calculated at 200g/KW/h: 220(KW)*0.2(Kg)*8=352(Kg)
The density of no. 0 diesel is about 0.84(Kg/L).352/0.84 = 419 (L)
It mean that the consumption of 200KW diesel generator set operated eight-houris about 419 liters.
Generally speaking, the consumption of diesel generators is about 0.2 liter/kilowatt/hour.
The fuel consumption index is determined by the following factors: different brands of diesel generator sets, their consumption of fuel is different; Load. So the specify consumption, pls consult the manufacturer's manual of generator set

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What is the impact of low load operation?How about fuel consumption?
If the generator set is operated under a small load, the following faults will occur:
1. the piston cylinder liner seal is not good, oil channeling into the combustion chamber combustion, exhaust blue smoke.
2. For the supercharged diesel engine, due to low load, no load and supercharged pressure base, the supercharger oil seal (non-contact type) sealing effect is likely to decline. The oil enters the supercharger chamber and enters the cylinder along with the intake.
3. Part of the oil flowing up to the cylinder is involved in the combustion, while part of the oil cannot be completely burned, forming carbon accumulation in the valve, inlet port, piston top, piston ring, etc., and part of the oil is discharged with the exhaust.In this way, the cylinder liner exhaust channel will gradually accumulate oil, also can form carbon.
4.supercharger room oil will be accumulated result in it will be from the combination of the supercharger leakage.
5. Long-term small load operation will lead to more serious wear of moving parts and deterioration of engine combustion environment, leading to overhaul period early.

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